2 Tim. 1:2
The most intimate name of God (cf. Rom. 8:15).
The word "Father" can mean many things: FOUNDER (William Carey-Father of modern missions; George Washington-Father of our country); ORIGINATOR (Jabal was the father of such as dwell in tents; Satan is called "the father of lies").
1. "The Father of lights" (James 1:17)
2. "The Father of glory" (Ephesians 1:17)
3. "The Father of spirits" (Hebrews 12:9)
4. "Father of Mercies" (2 Corinthians 1:3)
5. "Heavenly Father" (Luke 11:13).
6. "The Everlasting Father" (Isa. 9:6).
ÆThe primary meaning of "Father" is "the begetter" of a child. It is the Father that gives life. Hence, God is called "the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ" (Col. 1:3 and six other places). This affirms His virgin birth. Christ's first recorded words were spoken to Mary and Joseph- "I must be about my Father's business." Again, showing His virgin birth.
For centuries, religions have debated "The Fatherhood of God" and "Brotherhood of Man." For example, Dr. John Horsch, a liberal theologian, wrote: "The thought that there is a kingdom of evil besides the kingdom of God is all wrong. There is only one kingdom and every man is a citizen of it… All men are God's children. There is in modern religion no place for individual salvation. The social gospel addresses itself to the task of making the world a decent place to live in. This is the business of the church in this new age."
Dr. Horsch's statement is refuted by the following facts:
1. Kingdom of God vs. Kingdom of Satan (Mt. 12:26). Amos 9:8 - "the sinful kingdom" that God will destroy from off the face of the earth.
2. All men may be God's creatures, but not all men are God's children. God is the Creator of all men, but only the Father to those who are in His Family through the new birth.
3. All men are brothers in that we have a common Creator. But we are not brothers spiritually.
4. Modern religion vs. Old time religion-individual / personal salvation.
5. Social gospel vs. the gospel of Christ (Gal. 1:8).
The following Scriptures make it clear that God is NOT everyone's Father: Mt. 23:15 ("Would God allow one of His children go to hell?"); John 8:42-44; 1 John 3:10-12; Acts 13:10; Eph. 2:1-3; Gal. 3:26; John 1:12.
In God the Father we have the epitome of a PERFECT FATHER. We who are Father's should learn from God's example as a Father.
What kind of Father is God?

I. He is a Father who is absolutely RIGHTEOUS. Jesus called Him "Holy Father… Righteous Father" (John 17:11, 25).

A. In His DECLARATIONS. What He says is right.

B. In His DECISIONS. He never makes a mistake. He makes His decisions based on what is righteous. He always does what is BEST.

C. In His DISCIPLINE (2 Sam. 7:14; Heb. 12:5-11).

II. He is a Father who is utterly RELIABLE. He is Faithful, trustworthy and dependable.

A. You can depend on His PROVISIONS (Mt. 6:8-14; cf. Luke 11:11-13; James 1:17).

B. You can depend on His PROTECTION- Psalm 68:5-As a Father, He desires no harm to come to His "youngin's". He is a guardian.

C. You can depend on His PARDON (mercy). Psalm 103:13 Like as a FATHER pitieth his children, so the LORD pitieth them that fear him. Cf. 2 Cor. 1:3-He is "the Father of MERCIES…"

D. You can depend on His PROMISES. "There hath not failed one word of all his good promise."

III. He is a Father who is wholly REACHABLE. We have access to the Father. He is approachable and available. Eph. 2:18

God is not a dead-beat dad! He wants to spend time with his kids; He wants to provide for them.
Conclusion: Children take the characteristics of their parents. When you are born of the Father, you become partakers of His divine nature. You will resemble Him in different ways.
Hey Dad, are you this kind of father to your children?