Mt. 14:22-36

LESSON: The closer a person walks with Jesus, the smaller the crowd will get.

1. When Peter got out of the boat he had to leave behind his EXPECTATIONS. You cannot expect everyone else in the boat to come with you.
2. were on the boat. Only one went.
3. Peter didn't expect, "If I go out there, I expect someone to come with me."
4. I expect people will talk about me if I fail. 
5. The majority of people prefer living in a "comfort zone." When leave the safety of shore and set sail it can get stormy. Then it can get even scarier when you get out of the boat in the storm.
6. Some don't want to walk with Jesus; they just want to be identified with Him.

I. Notice first, Jesus SENDING (v. 22). He sends us into a storm. They had to be constrained to go.
    Obedience doesn't always mean "smooth sailing."  Doing the will of God may involve going through a storm. 
    What a great dispensational picture:
    A. The disciples are sent. 
    B. Jesus goes up on high to intercede.
    C. It is night-time. 4th watch is 3:00 am - 6:00 am. 
        The darkest part of night.
    D. The disciples are fighting contrary winds.
    E. Jesus returns to rescue His church.

II. Next, see Jesus STEPPING (v. 25).
    A. He comes to our rescue.
    B. He walks on what makes you afraid. 
        He is in control of whatever makes us fear. 
        Whatever causes us to be afraid is already under His feet.
    C. The water became the means of bringing Jesus closer to the disciples.

III. Third, listen to Jesus SPEAKING (v. 27).
    A. v. 27-- How are you going to not be afraid when it appears you are about to drown? Because there is no need to fear when Jesus is there. 
    B. vs. 28-29--Jesus did not command Peter to walk on water.
    C. When Jesus says "Come," it is for a purpose. Whatever He starts, He will finish. We may fail along the way, but in the end, God will see us through.

IV. Finally, notice Jesus SECURING / SAVING (v. 30-31). Perhaps Peter remembered this incident when he wrote 1 Peter 3:12-- "The eyes of the Lord are over the righteous, and his ears are open unto their prayers."