Job 2:1-9

    Integrity-- Wholeness of character; uprightness; adherence to a moral or ethical code; virtue; completeness; undivided; unbroken. A condition of not being violated. "The integrity of the oil tanker's hull is in tact." "The nuclear reactor's integrity was not violated by the earthquake." "There was no breach in the seal's integrity."
    Job was a complete "Christian."
    The devil was trying to "punch a hole" in Job's Christian character. 
    Satan will attack your integrity seeking to find weak areas in your character.

    A. INTEGRITY MAKES A PERSON EXCEPTIONAL. God recognized Job for his integrity. There was none like him in the earth. Quite a statement. 
    B. Most people would have given up after the ordeal Job has gone through (Dead children; ruined property; destroyed livestock; unanswered prayer!

II. EXAMINATION OF INTEGRITY (Job 2:9). Job's wife's question was a CHALLENGE to Job. She was bitter and wondered why he wasn't bitter also? "Is your integrity worth all this you are going through? Wouldn't it be better to just die cursing God?"
    A. Examined in the area of your fortune (possessions)
    B. Examined in the area of your family 
    C. Examined in the area of your friends 

    A. Job was firm. His integrity was too valuable to give it up. 
    B. How valuable is your integrity? What would you be willing to give up for it?  How many would be back in church next Sunday if they lost their job? If one of their children were killed? If their house burnt down? If they found out they had cancer or AIDS?
    C. Through it all, Job kept his testimony (Job 19:13-27). If you die, die with your integrity in tact. You may not die rich, but you can die with integrity. 
    D. Esau gave up his integrity for a mess of pottage (Gen. 25). 
    E. Samson gave up his integrity for the lust of a woman. 
    F. Joseph kept his integrity rather than give it up to Potiphar's wife!

    A. God has a way of "evening" things out in the end. 
    B. It matters not what others may know about you. Job's friends doubted Job's integrity. It's what God knows about you that really counts! Does God know you are a person of integrity?

SERMON OUTLINE By Al Hughes (Pastor Bible Baptist Church, Port Orchard, WA)